100 Days of Me (Days 31-34)

Today marks just a little over a third of the way through my 100 days; these last 4 days I have created works that I mostly love!!
On day 31 I created this bright and fun illustration on the back of a postcard, it took a while to colour her hair but I love her:


For day 32 I did a mixed media piece using magazine pages, paint, thread and a jigsaw piece:


Admittedly day 33 is probably not at the top of my favourites list but I did a mixed media piece of my watercolour paints:


And today is day 34 which is also Holly’s 2nd Birthday (Holly is our African Pygmy Hedgehog) so I did an acrylic and watercolour painting of her:


That’s all for today; check back in a few days for a wee post about embroidery.
Vicki xo

100 Days of Me (Days 26-30)

This week my pages don’t feel as good as they have done; I have an ear and chest infection so I didn’t even make college this week. I still got my days done but I’m just not as happy but here they are anyway (don’t you just think it’s better to share the art you like and the art you hate?).

Day 26 I made a little canvas book and painted the first page with a mix of watercolours – then I added a little tree. I still have a few pages left in the book so I’ll work through that on other days:Day 26For Day 27 I did a wee charcoal sketch of Phoebe (I’m trying to put all of our cats in my 100 days):Day 27For Day 28 I painted a watercolour colour wheel, then made it into a snail – I actually kind of love her:Day 28I read somewhere this week that you should work on this that scare you, I’m always a little nervous of still-life; especially in pencil – so the last 2 days are both just that.

Day 29 is a pepper:Day 29Day 30 is my coffee cup, I have a lovely wide one which is perfect for sketching:Day 30So that’s up to day 30; I’ll be back to share some more over the weekend. It’s coming to the end of some of my bigger projects so that’s exciting.

What are you working on this week?

Vicki xo



Today’s Sunday pet is Barnaby (Barnaby is Ellie-Boo’s brother); he is such a cutie but also such a minx – he is always up to something. I caught this first photo by absolute chance, he is sitting in the nest of their giant cat tree and he happened to yawn just as I clicked my phone. Doesn’t he look adorable?66171_10152222242617401_830633762581252602_n

At just 2 years old Barnaby (and Ellie) are our youngest cats; but they both pack quite a punch – they are not fearful of the other cats and they just fit in so well. Barnaby is usually moving around way to fast to get awake pictures of him – I must try with the proper camera instead of instagram, it would be nice to get some playful pics. Here he is sleeping again in his nest, he really does look like butter wouldn’t melt:10418422_10152222243157401_4632372530029733753_n

He’s a very pretty cat, he has such a huge personality and has integrated well with some of the older cats. Sadly this past few weeks have been really hard for him since Sid passed away – they had grown really close. He’s turning a corner now and settling in with some of the other.

Enjoy your Sunday,

Vicki xo

100 Days of Me (Days 21-25)

Today marks Day 25 of my 100 days; a quarter of the way through – and I’m up to date. To be honest I did fall a little bit behind this week; but I caught up. Over the weekend I have got a lot of work to do – between my bee project, a project for a big fishing based company and my portraiture it a wee bit hectic. But you know what? I’m enjoying every second of it – and that’s by far the most important thing.

Ok so Day 21 I did a wee pastel drawing of my teddy, Spot – I was given him when I was 10 by my Gran after I had a pretty bad accident (I broke my jaw). I love him so much, he even looks well loved:Day 21

For Day 22 I went for a mixed media piece (I love mixed media – it’s so interesting) and I mixed it with a little bit of surrealism (I’ve been channelling Salvador Dali this week). I used one of my acrylic prints; and then built up from there with photos, watercolour paint a doily¬†and fineliner pen. I have to say I’m completely happy with this piece – it features my (now 7) son, Kris when he was just 2 years old:Day 22

Day 23 is a little experimental – to be perfectly honest it is not my favourite self-portrait, in fact it’s not even close but I did a continuous line drawing which was really interesting – I would use the technique again but maybe a little more carefully:Day 23

Day 24 is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, a charcoal reduction of a few of my favourite paintbrushes – I love charcoal, I used willow charcoal and it’s just the right amount of messy:Day 24

And then Day 25; which brings us to today. I love wild flowers, I always have done – they are super pretty and grow just wherever they want to. Anyway I decided to do a wee bit of stitching, I did a very quick sketch and then just started stitching. So here it is:Day 25

And so there we have it, I’ll be back early next week with some more posts so come check back. What are you working on this weekend?

Vicki xo

Squirrel (Animals Sketchbook)

Alright so you’re here to see my latest project, right? So I started a sketchbook on animals – I chose animals because I love them so much and it was a free choice (yay). Anyway for my first page I did something quite a bit smaller than the sketchbook – I did this stitched squirrel on dress paper (backed with card) using 3 different shades of red/orange, some other colours (for the acorn, eye and nose) and I stitched the feathers on for his tail. He was definitely worth all the work; I worked on him for about a week and I have to admit that I’m kinda in love with him:Squirrel (1)

Here is his cute little face (and his acorn):Squirrel (3)And of course his little fluffy tail (I’m leaving the needle in the paper, to add more interest):Squirrel (2)So that’s him – hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow (or Sunday) with an update of my 100 days project. What are you working on over the weekend?

Vicki xo

100 Days of Me (Days 18-20)

I am a little behind on posting these this week – I’m hoping to catch up on posting over the weekend but until then I do have days 18-20 to share with you (by Saturday it will be day 25).

Alright so Day 18 was a little quick sketch of a tattoo that I really want; I am a supporter of the semi-colon project and when I have the tattoo done I want the time of my birth on the clock:Day 18

This next piece; for Day 19; is a bit of a sore point. I was so happy with this piece when I finished it – I used modroc to get a 3-d background, then added watercolour and the leaf. Thankfully I took pictures of it because later on that day the cats ate the leaf….. seriously!!!:Day 19

On Day 20 it was raining for the entire day so I used watercolour to create a singin’ in the rain piece:Day 20I have a new piece to share with you tomorrow; something I’ve been working on for my animal sketchbook for the last week.

What are you working on this week?

Vicki xo

Selfies (Portraiture Sketchbook) – First Selfie!!!

I’ve been working on this piece for a few weeks now but only at college; I finally brought it home to finish over the weekend. It took a while because in complete honesty portraiture is not my strongest point. Having said all of that I’m actually really proud of this piece, I did it ALL myself – obviously I got some pointers (you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to get the eye spacing right) but the sketching is all mine. This is really the first piece for my self portraiture project – the next stage is to work from other photos and play around with different media. Anyway for now here is the first:First self portrait

Any pointers on portraiture would be gratefully received at this point – I have a sketchbook to fill!!! Today I am in college doing art history, graphic design and (nude) life drawing – this post is scheduled so I’m not sneaking on to blog during class!!!

Vicki xo