100 Days of Me (days 3-6)

My 100 Days of Me project is going well; not only is it enjoyable but I’m able to choose my mediums which is great. I’m also finding things out about myself – 100 days is a lot so I have to dig a little!!!!

Day 3 I decided to do a pastel drawing of our lovely cat Sid (sadly Sid passed away yesterday; RIP beautiful boy):image

One of the truly fun things about this project is the different page sizes, and the things you can make pages from – for Day 4 I did a small knitted page. I attached a little bit of tissue paper and a tag which signifies gift giving (if I knit a gift I always wrap it in tissue and add a cute little tag):imageOn Day 5 I decided to go back about 27 years or so; and do a reductive charcoal of my favourite cartoon at the time; Button Moon!!! I have to admit I was humming the theme tune the entire time and it made me smile just looking back to being 4 or 5 years old:wpid-wp-1409567506827.jpegAnd Day 6 (which is today); I’ve always loved butterflies – I think they are so very beautiful. Before the summer we took a trip to Butterfly and Insect world and I took lots of photos of glass winged butterflies; this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do a sketch with a wee bit of watercolour:imageThat’s 6 days done; just 94 to go – this project will finish on December 4th; that means I can add Christmassy sketches for 4 days!!!! In all seriousness though this is a brilliant project. I’m doing other project too but I don’t have much to share on those yet; hopefully later in the week. I had a lot of homework to do over the weekend but much of it was research (I definitely think research is a huge part of an artists life).

What are you working on right now?

V xo







100 Days of Me (Days 1&2)

The college year has begun and already I have so many very exciting project to do. One of my favourites (I think….) is the 100 Days of Me sketchbook. We have to do a page a day for 100 days; we’ll have to add extra pages into our sketchbooks and in the long term we’ll all come out with a really nice sketchbook all about ourselves.

In class yesterday our tutor (Hazel) gave us a short list of things (colour, insect, animal etc) and we had to write down the first thing that came into our minds – for insects I automatically went for ladybird; so this became my first page:Day 1

And my 2nd page (today) I decided to draw a book in charcoal on a book page; so I’ll tape this page in later:Day 2I’m really excited to get going with this project; I’m already thinking about my page for tomorrow.

V xo

Let It Go

It’s taken me a few weeks to get this piece finished, I just wasn’t sure quite what I wanted to do after the watercolour. I knew that the piece was going to be called Let It Go but that’s as far as I had decided.

On Thursday afternoon when I had a chunk of time I got out my fineliner pens and got to work:1897653_531297313681423_1791589126951594777_nI decided to add simple journaling using the words Let It Go; but then I thought I would add in a few of the details with the pens and then draw around all of the blown paint in appropriate colours. It turned out really well, it’s a piece that really says something and I’m really thinking about doing another one but on a canvas:10552661_531297333681421_6406548535696573214_nI used to think I had to finish art within a few days of starting it; but this past month or so I’ve come to realise that I can finish things in my own time; and finish them when it feels right.

I start my next college course on Tuesday; I’m super excited. Tuesday sees some 3-D art which will be fun.

What are you working on right now?

V xo



On Chapters

Everybody has chapters in their lives; from your first day of school to graduating University; from your first job to retirement and everything in between.

Obviously everyone has different chapters. When I first got sick I never saw that time in my life as a chapter; because I wasn’t sure if I would survive it. However it’s been 11 years since I first realised there was something different about me; and through all the different medications, the therapy, the self-harm and the suicide attempts, I survived and it is a chapter. It’s an ongoing chapter; there’s no full stop yet just a semi-colon – I still have a mental illness, I just have better control over it.

Tomorrow I start another new chapter in my life; a pretty huge one. This one is MY choice; I have my college induction – I start full time college. I’m doing Art and Design Portfolio and I am excited (and a little nervous). I suppose this chapter had a prelude – I did my higher art last year but that was just 3 hours a week in college and was kind of a practice go – to make sure I could handle it (I passed my higher too!!!! which was a bonus). This new chapter is exciting, it brings with it possibility. I won’t spend as much time with my boys or my wife but the days we are all at home together will be so special and so treasured. For each chapter there are things that change, sometimes big things and sometimes not but the biggest thing that changes in a chapter is YOU (well me, as it’s my blog!!!). Tomorrow is my next chapter; who knows when the chapter after this one will begin. Chapters begin and end sometimes without us knowing and I think that ok. I want to celebrate this chapter of my life; but I feel like I should also celebrate all of the ones that have gone before because (for me) they show I survived.

V xo

Mysterious Green Shawl

Remember my post about my mystery knit? Well the shawl is finished and I have to say I absolutely love it. My Mysterious Green Shawl was worked sideways which I’ve never done before and the lace section is stunning. I’ve blocked items before but I’ve never done anything with this much lace so seeing it blossom into something so pretty was quite amazing. I chose to aggressively block the lace and Wendy (publisher of the pattern) advises against blocking the garter stitch so I stuck with that – the difference between the scrumptious garter stitch and the beautiful lace detail gives the shawl a whole different dimension to what I was expecting:Mysterious Green Shawl

You can see my project page for the shawl over on Ravelry and as always on a FO Friday I’m playing along with Tami!

What have you finished lately?

V xo

Inside Beautiful Minds

Obviously my fundraising for MIND is over for the time being; thank you to all of those people who did sponsor me – all of that money goes to MIND and helps someone with a mental health problem.

The prize for sponsoring me was entry into a raffle to win a brand new Inside Beautiful Minds piece; I have finished the piece and contacted the winner (who is the lovely Amy). This is the first time I’ve framed one of my pieces; I’m particularly happy with this piece – from the hair to the tears falling on the little girl. These pieces are designed to be emotive; to give people a glimpse into the inner mind of a person with mental health issues:

10431482_516559475155207_5824567395915561785_n Thanks for stopping by;

V xo