100 Days of Me (Days 18-20)

I am a little behind on posting these this week – I’m hoping to catch up on posting over the weekend but until then I do have days 18-20 to share with you (by Saturday it will be day 25).

Alright so Day 18 was a little quick sketch of a tattoo that I really want; I am a supporter of the semi-colon project and when I have the tattoo done I want the time of my birth on the clock:Day 18

This next piece; for Day 19; is a bit of a sore point. I was so happy with this piece when I finished it – I used modroc to get a 3-d background, then added watercolour and the leaf. Thankfully I took pictures of it because later on that day the cats ate the leaf….. seriously!!!:Day 19

On Day 20 it was raining for the entire day so I used watercolour to create a singin’ in the rain piece:Day 20I have a new piece to share with you tomorrow; something I’ve been working on for my animal sketchbook for the last week.

What are you working on this week?

Vicki xo

Selfies (Portraiture Sketchbook) – First Selfie!!!

I’ve been working on this piece for a few weeks now but only at college; I finally brought it home to finish over the weekend. It took a while because in complete honesty portraiture is not my strongest point. Having said all of that I’m actually really proud of this piece, I did it ALL myself – obviously I got some pointers (you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to get the eye spacing right) but the sketching is all mine. This is really the first piece for my self portraiture project – the next stage is to work from other photos and play around with different media. Anyway for now here is the first:First self portrait

Any pointers on portraiture would be gratefully received at this point – I have a sketchbook to fill!!! Today I am in college doing art history, graphic design and (nude) life drawing – this post is scheduled so I’m not sneaking on to blog during class!!!

Vicki xo

Mohair Bunny

A few weeks ago I shared the beginnings of my mohair bunny painting; now he’s finished so I thought I would pop by and share his lovely finished self.

Mohair bunny was painted in dry acrylics (no water), using lots of dabbing and swirling of brushes. He was painted over a print that I had made earlier the same day – we just rolled paint onto a table top then stuck the paper in it and pressed; I love the woody look my paper has got. Once your prints are dry (I had about 5 prints – you can see my illustrated fox done on print HERE), you look for something within the print and start adding in layers of paint (you could make a mixed media piece too).

Anyway without further ado (or waffling), here he is:Mohair Bunny 2He is currently living in my portfolio but I think at the end of the year we’re going to frame him and pop him up somewhere in the house – he’s super cute. Have you ever seen a mohair bunny? If not go google it, right now – they are adorable and their faces are teeny……… I fell in love just a wee bit.

What are you working on?

Vicki xo


Can you believe it’s been nearly 4 months since I did a Sunday Pets post? That is absolutely shocking!!! We have 18 cats and a hedgehog, and I want to share them all with you. I’m going to try scheduling some posts for the coming Sundays so you can see them all. Anyway for this week it’s the lovely Rusty. Rusty turned 3 in the summer and to be perfectly honest he has been such an amazing cat for me. He came to us as a wee teeny kitten and I fell in love – I was pretty unwell in the subsequent years so having him really helped. Rusty is our only red cat – when I was growing up we had a beautiful red boy called Tom , I still miss him sometimes.

He is definitely a Mama’s boy, he loves to sit on our bed when I’m trying to get in it – I think sometimes he just wants treats though:10410916_10152290355887401_4440461364473344833_nOne of his favourite things to do is sit on my work when I’m trying to paint or draw – I am so tempted to just get a big sheet of paper and stick some paint on his paws – that would be a whole different type of printing:10644891_10152298705582401_5829394782503229707_nHe is also incredibly photogenic, the minute you get a camera near him he poses – and you have to admit he is pretty beautiful:

10649513_10152290355047401_6834991919375220202_nSo that’s Rusty – and of course you’ve met Chloe , Ellie-Boo and Holly.

Next week I’ll be sharing Barnaby – he is Ellie’s brother. Enjoy your Sunday.

Vicki xo

Graphic Design (Sketchbook) – Research

This term we are studying Graphic Design – admittedly the thought of this module terrified me a little but I can now officially take that back and say I LOVE THIS MODULE. Firstly it’s really interesting, and secondly we are doing a live project as part of the module – a live project is something that client has asked for, in this case it’s labels and packaging for a local honey bee keeper. I have completed my research – we went to supermarkets and took photos of labels; and I printed off pictures of honey bees in different scenarios, and some animated/illustrated bees too. I just wanted to share the beginning of my project!!

We don’t get to choose the font for the final label, but if we could I would use mine (LOL); this is the first page which is labels (and I added in some information about the labels to use during the development stage); I also stuck in the packaging for some yoghurt to make an extra page (plus the yoghurts were honey flavoured):1471331_558062564338231_4272291052567503601_nPage 2 is more labels; I chose labels according to colour and design. I’ve always been a big fan of colour (I’m actually hoping to do a project at some point using the colour wheel as a base):10392369_558062591004895_992957739854960387_nPage 3 is (again) more labels; 2 from tea boxes – I love them both; one from wine and a quite simple pack for mango. I love the idea of using an illustrated person in my final design:10649555_558062614338226_5534370780079026028_nAnd page 4 (the last labels I promise); more colour and lots of fun. I love the detailing on some of these labels – they are very interesting:10616030_558062651004889_6583237167745296863_nAnd lastly page 5 is my bee page, I have stuck in my printed images and added some facts about honey bees:10649819_558062681004886_5945130204594807650_n

I wanted to collect as much research as possible; I feel like I have so many directions this could go in. I am now working on development – I’ve started that with a page of colour swatches using various media, I then plan on starting a page on the anatomy of the honey bee (did you know their wings are different from a bumble bee?) and just working from there.

Back to college on Tuesday, and I have quite a bit of work to do but it’s good and I’m loving this experience.

Vicki xx


100 Days Of Me (days 14-17)

Admittedly I’m starting to find it difficult to think of things to fill my sketchbook; our tutor (Hazel) told us “don’t think, just do” – so I’ve been trying that!!!!

For day 14 I started by drawing a quick birdcage sketch, then I decided to add a window and birds outside – then I added lots of watercolour. It was so lovely to be that free, and to not really think. I love watching birds out of the window and I love birdcages, I just never really thought about putting them together:Day 14On Day 15 I grabbed some gouache from my cupboard shelves as I hadn’t used it yet; and I had a wee look in my inspiration sketchbook (its a wee pink sketchbook that I stick things for inspiration later) – found some flowers I had shoved in when we were in Blackpool and got to work. I quickly worked the paint into a scene, then started building layers of paint – it was interesting because I didn’t know gouache dried quite so fast. Once it was all done and I was happy; I tried out the flowers and glued them in. I think it looks like a sunset – I know that flowers are maybe too big but I like playing with size.Day 15For Day 16 I worked from a photo of a wee bear I used to have – I would take him on trips, so I worked him¬†into a fineliner drawing:Day 16

And so to today, Day 17. I’ve been working really hard all morning on another project (starting the development stage) but I thought I might have a wee look through a book about drawing and I found a really interesting technique that I wanted to try. You tape 2 pencils together (I went for 3B and 3H), and get to sketching. I decided to sketch part of the block of flats that is just diagonal from our house. I also did a light watercolour over the top to add a bit of interest:Day 17And yup that means I’m up-to-date; I have been doing really well so far – it’s one page a day and I can decide what size, so usually on college days (Tuesday/Wednesday) I do small pages but on other days I’ll try new techniques, sketch something larger or do something with lots of detail – the rest of the week is for self-study so I’m filling my pages with all of these things.

I’ll be back tomorrow – all week blogging, I could get used to this!!!

Vicki xo

Selfies (Portraiture Sketchbook) – REDO!!!

Do you want to know one of the most important things I’ve learned this week? If it goes wrong, you can always redo. I had portraiture yesterday morning at college, and to be honest I had been looking at my sketchbook pages (you can see the originals HERE) and thinking that they didn’t have enough images or art. I really want this sketchbook to be filled with mixed media – from the research right into the development. I’ve been working on my 100 Days of Me sketchbook and using so many different media that it’s crazy (but I love it) – I knew I needed to take tips from that and work them into my portraiture research. I was set to just rip the pages out (but I didn’t); however my tutor pointed out that I had used masking tape to stick all the information and pictures down so I could easily pull them off and add in whatever I wanted – the main thing I wanted to keep on each page were the quotes from each person. Anyway yesterday I spent the morning redoing the 3 pages; and so after lots of ¬†printing photos, using charcoal, paints and crayons AND lots of masking tape (I plan to stick everything in this project in with masking tape – it gives it a textural look) this is what I came up with……………

Diane Arbus – I love the black and white in her photography, so I went with harsh charcoal lines on this page:Diane Arbus 2Cristina Otero – her range of photos is huge, but I chose photos with a mix of emotion and colour – I decided to go with watercolours to resemble both tears and colour:Cristina Otero 2Brian Lewis Saunders work is mostly weird; but in a really good way. I decided to go with a media that is often seen in his self-portraiture – crayons!!!Bryan Lewis Saunders 2I am so happy that I took the time to redo these pages; they look much better and I loved using all those different media – really looking at the images and playing off them.

I’ll be back tomorrow to share my 100 days……… oh and I’m also working on another project sketchbook on animals, I am currently stitching a squirrel, I’m hoping to be able to share him over the weekend.

Vicki xo